BigGreenBuddha is officially a Green Company

BigGreenBuddha is officially a Green Company

Being a good steward of the environment is everyone's responsibility and at BigGreenBuddha we have always, and always will, make the most of our resources.

Don't be shocked when your order from BigGreenBuddha arrives in a package that looks a little worse for wear.  If we can re-use a shipping product, we will and if it looks a little rough, we will use it as long as it has a useful life left.  Sometimes we have to trash a box or bubble mailer, but most are sorted and re-used for another shipment going out to a customer.

So far, no complaints as most of our customers know we are recyclers extraordinaire.   If you wish to get a shiny box or mailer just send us a note and we will send a pristine shipping container in the hopes you will also recycle the box to carry groceries, clothing to the thrift shop or store papers.

Want to be sure you are dealing with a green company?  Just ask and if they don't know, you may be throwing  your money  into their pit of the day and hoping 


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