At BigGreenBuddha.com and our other web stores many of our products ship direct to you from the factory or manufacturer.  Some are in China, some Hong Kong and so on.

Be aware that our partners will generally have your purchase shipped in 1-2 days from the sale and delivery can take up to 18 days.

Most people will get their package within 10 days or less as almost all of our partners use DHL Air to send your shipment.


Because our shipments come from far away we do not offer expedited shipping as the cost is prohibitive and would only save 2 days tops and we feel it just isn't worth the expense.

On purchases over $100 we will ask you to sign for delivery so please give us an alternate delivery address such as your office if you work during normal delivery times.  


We will, if necessary, change your delivery address so you can sign for it. A close member of the family can sign for your package.  We will need their full name for our records.

Returns are a part of life for all of us these days as more and more we shop online and shipping is a huge expense for us at BigGreenBuddha.com.  Because our company paid for the shipment to you and should your return be no fault of BigGreenBuddha.com (or one of our sister stores) we will deduct the cost to ship to you from any refund amount.

Be aware that big, heavy items shipping from China can cost into the hundreds of dollars to import into the USA. and you may not get that amount back should you send us an arbitrary return.   

Be sure of your large order BEFORE we ship it.  Once shipped we cannot cancel the order or stop the shipment.  

We want happy, shiny customers and will work  hard to make your visit with BigGeenBuddha.com fun and exciting. 



Mike Mercer