Coleman 35D Tandem Rectangular Sleeping Bag

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$ 121.99 


Fall asleep surrounded by the luxury and warmth of the double-sized Coleman 35D tandem sleeping bag. Showcasing ComfortCuff technology, this oversized sleep solution provides some of the best features you could ask for while you are on your next outdoor adventure. Designed for cozy sleeping for up to two people, the brushed polyester lining keeps you both comfortable while you sleep. A no-snag ZipPlow zipper prevents snagged fabric as you zip or unzip for added convenience. Packing up and transporting is also easy with Coleman's Roll Control system. The Coleman sleeping bag is a great choice for use when the temperatures range between 30 degree and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. With the ability to zip apart to create two separate bags, it offers exceptional versatility. It is designed to hold up use after use, all while keeping you protected from various outdoor elements.

Coleman 35D Tandem Rectangular Sleeping Bag:
  • The Coleman sleeping bag is a good choice for using with temperatures 30 degrees F to 50 degrees F
  • Designed for two people up to 6'2"
  • Zips apart to create 2 separate rectangular bags