$ 38.00 $ 299.00

  • Hire me by the hour at only $38 per hour

  • You can choose any number of hours up to 4

  • åÊIf you want more hours, just repeat your order

  • All work is guaranteed

  • I will fix any issues at no additional chargeåÊ

For work on your established account I must have administrative access. åÊThis will require trusting me with your user ID and password to that website. åÊNo work can be done without this information, no exceptions unless you hire me to teach you via screen share and then I can guide you on how to do the work yourself. åÊFor me to complete work assignments quickly, I must have access to your account. åÊPasswords can be changed after each session if you like for your peace of mind.åÊåÊ

åÊFor listings on eBay, Bonanza, Amazon or Shopify sites I must have a good photo set (white back ground on main photo for Amazon), a description and or bullet points about the product and the price you want for the item.

If you use a drop shipping website you can simply send the product URLs and SKU and I‰۪ll move it over to your site using the DS‰۪s photos and info. åÊYou must still give me a suggested price or authorize me to determine the price in writing.

All requests for work must be written to avoid misunderstandings. åÊEither send your work request via email or on Skype. åÊMy personal email is: and my Skype ID is mike4mercer

I am happy to make recommendations for free or I can do research for you to determine the price you should list at.

I can record the work for proof of time spent on your project for an extra $10 per hour.åÊ This option must be selected before work begins. åÊ


If it only takes me 10 minutes for your job, I will tell you so and refund a pro-rated amount but I must retain a half hour minimum charge for the booking.

I am booked on weekends thru the 2016 year and possibly longer so your work will be done first come, first served on a Monday thru Thursday only. åÊI will tell you an approximate start and finish date and time. åÊOften our jobs are extended or are shortened when we finish early and we may get to your job sooner than expected. åÊ

We believe in keeping our jobs on time and never over schedule. åÊYou will not get bumped for another bigger job. åÊWe want happy customers and reviews.

Rush jobs are available for an extra fee. åÊBig jobs can be negotiated as a one time charge. åÊInquire below:


By adding an hour choice you are authorizing me to access your website admin pages for the term of the job length. åÊWhen you run out of time the job can only continue if you add more hours or there is an issue or mistake that must be corrected. åÊIf the work is in progress and only needs a few minutes over the allotted time we will generally finish it for no extra charge. åÊ

We will do as much for you as possible in the time your purchased but when time is up the work will be saved if possible for completion by us or you. åÊ

Thank you for hiring us!