Folgers 4 Cup Hotel Classic Roast Coffee, Filter Packs (200 ct.)


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About this item

Brew with ease. Place the filter pack in the brew basket and go
  • no loose grounds and no mess, just delicious Folgers coffee.
  • Description

    Folgers Hotel Filter Pack coffee is specially roasted and packaged for 4 cup coffee makers. Each box has 200 filter packs containing .60 oz. of coffee each. Folgers Filter packs are simple, convenient, and easy to use. Enjoy the morning with a classic coffee made from mountain grown beans and sip the aroma of the world's richest coffee. Coffee filter packs are pre-ground coffee sealed in a filter bag and individually wrapped for optimum freshness. Since the coffee is sealed within a filter, no separate filter is required for brewing. This allows you to place the filter pack in the brew basket and go. Easy clean up with no loose grounds or mess. Folgers 4 cup coffee is the ideal solution for hotels, motels, restaurants, offices, and any fast paced environment.


    • 200 Filter packs per case
    • Specially roasted and packaged
    • Each filter pack is individually wrapped to keep your coffee fresh
    • Folgers Filter packs are simple, convenient and easy to use
    • No messy grounds make clean-up easy
    • Available in regular and decaf
    • Enjoy a 6 to 12 month shelf life
    • Ideal for hotels, motels, restaurants, offices or any fast paced environment, including home
    • Each filter pack contains .60 oz. of smooth Folgers Coffee
    • Each filter pack makes 4 cups of coffee, using any 4 cup coffee maker
    • Each case contains 100 filter packs