PetArmor® Plus Flea Tick and Lice Formula for Dogs 4-22 lbs, 6-Month Total Coverage


$ 36.99 


PetArmor Plus contains the same active ingredients as FRONTLINE® Plus — but costs up to 40% less than vet prices! 1

  • Kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks and chewing lice
  • Fast acting and long lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Available in 6 application doses
  • Available in four weight breaks for dogs 8 weeks of age or older
  • Can be used on breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs


Your dog is more than just a pet — he is family. And when it comes to your family’s health, you want the best. But what if the best didn’t mean having to pay vet prices for a quality flea and tick preventative?

Introducing PetArmor Plus. PetArmor Plus has the same active ingredients as FRONTLINE® Plus — but costs up to 40% less than vet prices! 1

PetArmor Plus contains fipronil, the No. 1 veterinarian-recommended active ingredient,2 and (s)-methoprene to protect against fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks and chewing lice. Fast acting and long lasting, PetArmor Plus stops the reinfestation cycle by killing flea eggs and larvae and also helps to protect your pets and family from illness by killing ticks that may transmit Lyme disease.

Flea and tick treatment and prevention products are effective when used as directed. However, it is important to always Look at the Label to ensure that the product you select is right for your pet. This information is located on the front of the product package, making it easy to reference as you shop.

  • Read the label completely: As with medications for humans, thoroughly read and review all label instructions before purchase and application. This also includes making sure that your pet meets the age requirements stated on the product package.
  • Weigh your pet: Be sure to weigh your pet to ensure that your animal’s weight matches the dosage listed on the product package.
  • Only apply product intended for your pet’s species: Make sure that you have a product labeled for the correct species of your pet. Never use a flea and tick treatment and prevention product intended for dogs on a cat and vice versa.
  • Avoid double dosing: Our topical products are designed to work alone and NOT in combination with other flea and tick control products. Determine when you last treated your pet with a flea and tick product — this includes flea and tick topicals, shampoos, powders, sprays, dips and collars — and only reapply as directed on the product label. All products will vary. Check the product packaging or call PetArmor or your veterinarian to ensure the recommended time has passed since the last application of any product before applying a new product.
  • Separate multiple pets: Be sure to separate multiple pets after using flea and tick treatment and prevention so that it doesn’t rub off or pets lick the product off of each other. As with any flea and tick treatment and prevention topical, even the smallest amount of product that gets into a dog’s or cat’s mouth can cause drooling or foaming — and in rare cases can result in death.
  • Do NOT divide tube doses between multiple animals: For example, if you have a 20-lb. dog, do not use half of a dose intended for a 40-lb. dog. Also, do not combine two tubes of a lower weight break for a larger dog. Always use the full tube on the pet per the product’s application guidelines.

Additional Key Tips to Follow:

  • How to apply: Before application, be sure to read the product label thoroughly for application instructions.
  • Pet health: Determine if your pet is healthy and in the correct age range before using any flea and tick treatment and prevention product. Before using one of our products, contact PetArmor or your veterinarian if your pet is weak, feeble, pregnant, nursing, aged, using medication or has other health issues.
  • Questions? If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our products, we want to hear from you. Please call PetArmor’s 24-hour consumer affairs hotline at (888) 908-TICK (8425).