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<html> <body style="background-color:pink;"> <center><h1>ABOUT Us</h1> </center> <p> I started my business with a brick and mortar business. It was a 3 of 1 store. My store contained a large craft sales room with items for sale by the local crafters. The other room was a thrift shop and a third room was a baby boutique. Although the shoppers loved this shop there was very low traffic as the town did not allow any advertising on the outside of the building. Finally like so many other companies I had to go to the internet to avoid the high cost of rent and all the overhead associated with employees and the general expenses associated with brick and mortar stores. I now have three stores on-line and building every day. At 63 years of age I started my career in internet marketing of many, kinds. This education has led to me being as great customer service and owner of the company . I am able to handle all problems so far and am grateful that now it will be giving my customers excellent care, products and fast shipping. This was the beginning of my Internet Marketing. My goal is to have happy well-serviced customers and to be able to offer products with the quality they desire. Pleasant Service! Fast shipping and a guarantee that your products will be the perfect item you wanted. CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-781-285-811</p> </body></html>