Waterlogic Countertop PURE Kit


$ 103.99 

  • Long Lasting High Performance Activated Carbon Filter
  • Long Lasting UV Lamp
The Waterlogic® Countertop Water Purifier is designed to be low-maintenance thanks to its long-lasting, easy to replace sediment filter, carbon filter and UV lamp. The smart control panel will let you know when it’s time to replace them, usually only once a year. The replacement kit includes a UV lamp for Firewall™ technology and high performance activated carbon filter, for continuous enjoyment of pure, great tasting water.

  • Easy replacement
  • DIY kit
  • Long lasting, high performance sediment filter
  • Long lasting, high performance activated carbon filter with lead reduction
  • Long lasting UV lamp for Firewall™ technology
  • To be used only with Waterlogic® Countertop Water Purifier
  • Made in China
  • Brand: Waterlogic
  • Filtration System: Yes
  • Type of Filter: Activated Carbon Filters