youtheory Liquid Collagen Advanced Formula, 28 Ounces


$ 28.99 

About youtheory®
The youtheory® line of health and beauty supplements were specially formulated to enhance one’s own natural beauty starting on the inside. Our high quality products were made to exceed industry standards and are packaged in innovative, premium, and eco-friendly bottles. Whether you're 25 years old, 37, 52 or 60 your age tells a story. Be proud and claim it. Age beautifully™ with youtheory®.
Youtheory® Collagen Liquid is convenient, easy to use, and great by itself or mixed with juice or your favorite beverage. Each serving provides superfruit antioxidant sources such as Acai, Cranberry, Blueberry and Pomegranate, plus Green Tea, and of course 5 grams of collagen and 18 amino acids. Studies show that collagen diminishes with age, and that effective replenishment can help counteract age-related collagen loss.

5 Grams Collagen Type 1 & 3 with 18 Amino Acids
Enhanced with Vitamin C and Biotin
2 Bottles, 14 Ounces Each